In-House Laboratory

labOur laboratory allows us to analyze blood, urine and fecal samples on site, delivering fast results during your appointment. In 2012, we upgraded all analyzers to the latest Idexx technology, providing reliable diagnostic testing

Your cat drinks more and looses weight: We test for diabetes, anemia, kidney or liver failure, and thyroid disease. If those are normal we perform an abdominal ultrasound to scan for cancer.

Your dog vomits and has diarrhea: let’s rule out pancreatitis!

Your dog eats a lot, drinks more and looses hair: A full day stay with us and blood sampling can tell us if it has cushings.

Spring time is start time for heartworm prevention. But first we need to make sure your dog is not infected with heartworm infection, Lyme disease, Ehrlichia and Anaplasmosis. (Cats should also receive prevention, they do not need a test before starting).

A skin scrape will tell the doctor if your dog has mange, demodecosis or dermatitis. With a fine needle aspirate we can find out if your pets lump is cancerous or harmless.

A urinalysis helps us determine if there is bladder infection, crystals, or early kidney failure and we can culture in our incubator to verify infection.

Just a small fresh fecal sample can show giardia, roundworms and even parvovirus if your puppy is very sick. Treatment for the first two is easy but very important because humans can get infected. For Parvovirus the dog needs intensive care in isolation. Fortunately it is preventable with vaccines!