Stray Pet Fund

What is a Stray Pet Fund?

stray_pet_fund_result_donation_2015Every once in a while we receive calls about stray pets in need of medical care, or we have to take care of pets who’s owner are no longer able to look after them. And since we don’t euthanize healthy animals, we are looking for or provide shelter to those animals, too. Needless to say, these pets require medication and food, costs which have to be covered by our Stray Pet Fund.
Have there been animals already helped by the fund?

Here are some of the animals that we took care of and who since have found a new life in happy and loving homes:

Some of the other homeless pets we were able to help:

  • Charlie (Sheepdog X),
  • Jack (Terrier X),
  • Tigger (Tabby),
  • Tux (Kitten, found in cardboard box in ditch),
  • Chippy (Squirrel baby, nursed by our team members, went to wildlife rescue for release in summer)
  • Candi (kitten, discarded alive in a garbage container)
  • Mortimer (Bunny, came from a petting zoo)

Until today, the Stray Pet Fund took care of 250 dogs and cats, 1 bird and 1 rabbit.

Chris Mas

He was found with a paralyzed front leg, which had to be amputated so he can move around without injuring himself. We performed surgery on January 23rd (amputation and hernia repair), and Chris is recovering perfectly.