Protect Against Ticks

With today’s amazing flea and tick preventives, no pet should ever endure the agony of these ectoparasites.

Both parasites can transmit diseases to cats and dogs and also cause anemia if your pet gets infested in high numbers.

Deer ticks can harbor bacteria which cause lyme disease in humans and pets. Although most animals do not display any symptoms, some pets may develop fever, painful joints, loss of appetite, and lethargy. If left untreated, the spirochete can damage the joints, kidneys, heart, and nervous system. Lyme disease can occur not only in dogs and cats, but also in horses, goats, and cattle.

Wood ticks are rather a nuisance than a health threat for your pet, but who wants to have them in their pet’s fur never mind crawling onto you?

To avoid all of the above we offer repellents that prevent parasites from infesting your pet. The tick and flea repellent K9 Advantix® is an odorless, water resistant liquid, applied on your dog’s skin which protects for 3-4 weeks.

Another convenient topical product is available for flea and heartworm prevention for dogs and cats.

We also carry Bravecto – a 3 months lasting oral or topical preventive for fleas & ticks.

Nexgard and Nexgard spectra are 2 more very effective and safe monthly oral preventatives for flea&tick and flea & tick & heartworm combined.

What should I do if I find a tick on my dog?

You need to pull them out of the pet’s skin. Use our Tick Twisters! And get preventatives!

Not all repellents are the same –

consult your veterinarian to prevent any side effects!