Ultrasound Diagnostics

Dr. Klug performs an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy

Dr. Klug performs an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy

Ultrasonography is an invaluable diagnostic tool that improves the quality of care for your pet. It allows the veterinarian to look at the structure of internal organs and assess the heart in its function.

Ultrasound is noninvasive and most pets do not need a sedation to have a scan done.

With this valuable diagnostic tool we can e.g. determine at a very early date if your dog is pregnant. And if the whelping process stops, ultrasound can assess the heart rate of the puppies and if a c-section is needed.

Ultrasonography also helps the vet to find cancer inside your pet’s abdomen: it allows the veterinarian to look at each organ to find the mass inside of it. With radiography alone this would not be possible since x-rays can not reveal the inside structure of an organ.

Cancer in the abdomen can be found inside any organ: spleen, liver, pancreas, kidneys, intestines, lymph nodes, bladder, and even that mysterious organ called the omentum. If detected in an early stage, surgery can help to cure cancer or gain valuable lifetime for the pet with good quality of life.

Only with ultrasound can the veterinarian look at the heart function and measure its wall thickness and chamber sizes. This is essential to determine the optimal therapy for heart failure, especially with cats who don’t show typical symptoms like dogs when suffering from heart problems.